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About Above & Beyond With U


Above & Beyond With U is a non-profit in the making and has been my dream for over a decade! As a full-time wheelie, I have had to advocate for myself since the age of 7 and then as an educator, I advocated for my students and their families. Advocacy is hard work and it takes consistent energy and capacity to keep the ball rolling.  During my medical needs I would need to take breaks from this important work but in 2017 I was re-inspired to commit to this work again.

In 2017 I was selected to be a part of the Blandin Community Leadership Program with 25 other community leaders from my hometown of Two Harbors, MN.  This year was a transformative time of great personal change.  During our retreat, I was led to open up about my journey and experiences as a young wheelchair user and a current leader who struggled with physical access to some of our most visited locations within our region.  The support of my “Blandin Family” helped me pick up this torch of advocacy again and my story led many of these fellow leaders to start making huge accessible changes in the workspaces, town events, and other spaces they have influence over.  Each of our stories have the power to create a ripple effect in our communities.

In 2019 I was encouraged to apply for the Bush Foundation Fellowship and in 2020 I was honored to become a Bush Fellow.  This two year fellowship in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic helped change my career and provided a launching pad for great adventures in the natural and virtual worlds.  Through education, coaching, reflection, and support I was able to begin this dream of Above & Beyond With U!  

Our Goals


To collaborate with others in order to encourage, train, and create sustainable change to make our physical spaces more inclusive for everyone with all abilities.


To be a conduit between the non disabled and disability cultures so many viewpoints are heard, valued, and acted upon creating understanding between the intersections of our communities.


To share my story and the stories of others to bring humanity, dignity, and understanding to our choices, protocols, policies, and governing bodies.


To promote the physical and attitudinal accessibility that I find in my daily life so others can also come and enjoy our region with all its beauty, solitude, and grandeur it has to offer.

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